20 key points in plain English


What is BitcoinPoint?

BitcoinPoint is an app allowing users to easily access bitcoin directly from their phone or from the high street. Users can create a transaction through the app to instantly buy and sell bitcoin.


How do I Deposit?

After your account is created, you can use any of our three deposit methods:

  1. In-App purchase 📲 – you can purchase bitcoin instantly within the app from any participating bank.
  2. Bank transfer 🏦 – you can use your customer ID, then find our bank details to directly transfer from your banking app.


How do I withdraw?

  • Bank 🏦 – You can sell bitcoin from your BitcoinPoint wallet or from any other bitcoin wallet address and directly receive the funds into your selected bank account.
  • ATM 🏧 – You can sell bitcoin from your BitcoinPoint wallet or from any other bitcoin wallet address and withdraw cash at any of our 18,000 participating ATMs.
  • Transfer 👱‍♂️ 📲 👱‍♀️ – You can transfer your bitcoin to an existing wallet or to another BitcoinPoint user!


What are the Fees?



In-App Transfer – 0.2% + 70p

ATM – 3.99% + £2.70 Flat fee

Bank Transfer – 1% (Minimum fee 70p)

Sell (Withdraw to bank) – 1.99%


Transfer to blockchain wallet -0.000036 BTC


Peer-to-Peer Transfer – Free!


What are my Limits?

Your BitcoinPoint account will be subject to limits, if you need to increase your limits please contact us directly. At this present moment in time we cannot increase cash deposits.


Monthly Account Deposit Limit – £20,000.

Daily Account Deposit Limit – £10,000.

You can also do recurring purchases.


How do I withdraw from an ATM?

  • Within your app go to your wallet tab, select Sell/Send.
  • Type the amount you wish to withdraw then select ATM.
  • Your order will be placed and you will receive a confirmation via sms text with a map to show where you can withdraw.

Your text will provide you with a 6 digit code and a safe key in order to make a cardless withdrawal – please do not share these codes with anyone. BitcoinPoint will never request this information.

If you have not received your confirmation code within 24 hours please get in touch with us via hello@bitcoinpoint.com


What kind of documents do you need to open a BitcoinPoint account?


Starter (deposit up to £500)

  • Photo ID (Passport (U.K and International, National Identity Card, Driving License (UK and EEA) residence permit)
  • Selfie

Advanced- Deposit more than £500

  • Photo ID (Passport (U.K and International, National Identity Card, Driving License (UK and EEA) residence permit)
  • Selfie
  • Proof of Address (Utility Bill, Credit card statement, Driving license*, Bank statement, Tenancy Agreement, Council Tax summary)**


*You cannot use your driving licence as Proof of Identity AND Proof of Address.

** Documents have to be dated in the past 3 months



Can you use BitcoinPoint to top up another bitcoin blockchain wallet?

Yes, once you have created your account you can transfer funds from your BitcoinPoint Online wallet or directly fund your blockchain wallet by scanning the wallet QR code. 💸


What is an Online Wallet?

By default, when you deposit you will top up your BitcoinPoint Online wallet which will be linked to your email address.


Is BitcoinPoint anonymous?

No, all account require a selfie and photo ID to be created.


How many account accounts can a single person own?

Only one 🙋‍♀️


Can someone else use my account?

No, only you are allowed to make transactions from your account – even if you have given consent to someone else.


Can I sell Bitcoin through BitcoinPoint’s platform?

You can sell your bitcoin to us directly and we will transfer the funds to your bank account or via an ATM cash withdrawal: click on ATM in the menu. Alternatively you can transfer your bitcoin to another wallet address or BitcoinPoint user.


What is the difference between BitcoinPoint’s Online wallet and a standard Bitcoin Blockchain wallet?

BitcoinPoint has developed a proprietary Online wallet solution that allows customers to create sub-accounts of a segregated blockchain account, on a Cold Storage.


This allows us to not charge any fees for Peer-to-Peer transfers, however, transfers to standard Bitcoin Blockchains will incur network fees. 



How to use the Peer-to-Peer transfer functionality?

If you want to transfer funds to another BitcoinPoint user, go to the wallet tab and select Send BTC.


You will then find a button called Add Wallet, once you click it you will be guided to enter the Name and Email address of the person you’re transferring the coins to.


Once done you will redirected back to the previous page and you will find their wallet was saved, so you dont have to re-enter their details again in the future, select their wallet by finding their name and enter the amount of BTC you wish to transfer.


Is the user able to send Bitcoin to any email address?

You have the ability to transfer bitcoins to any email address linked to an existing BitcoinPoint online wallet.


If the email address is not linked to an open account, an email invitation will be sent to the recipient, asking them to download the BitcoinPoint App to access the bitcoin.


Is holding bitcoin safe? Is the BitcoinPoint online wallet safe?

All of our Online Wallets are on a Cold Storage which means that their private keys are not on the internet.


That said, poorly secured wallets are typically where the thefts of Bitcoin occur. If someone obtains access to the private key of your standard blockchain wallet(s), all the cryptoassets may be stolen. Like any hot storage solutions, online wallets present some risks. For example, if someone accesses your phone and your email account the person could potentially access your BitcoinPoint account and may be able to steal your bitcoin stored on the Online wallet.

For more security, we recommend you enable the pin code or biometric lock in the settings tab. Unfortunately if someone manages to access your online wallet to send bitcoin to a blockchain wallet, we won’t be able to revert the transaction.


If your BitcoinPoint online wallet exceeds £1,000, we recommend transferring your cryptoassets to a hardware wallet or cold storage solution (such as Trezor, Ledger devices or FuzeW cards). 


Which bitcoin index are we using?

BitcoinPoint uses a proprietary index developed in-house. This index is an average of the main exchanges in GBP (CoinMarketCap, CryptoCompare, Google,…)


Permitted activities:

BitcoinPoint cannot be used to promote, assist or facilitate any form of unlawful activity. Any account found to be taking part in such activities will be reported to relevant authorities and closed.


“I’m being asked buy something in Bitcoins and I don’t think it’s safe”

If you do not think someone is legitimate or you have a gut feeling that something may not be right, pause and take a second to read our handy article on how to protect yourself from scammers HERE.


If you have been asked to send bitcoin in order to access any trading account to release any money, it must be a scam:

If you’re unsure and you just want to talk things through, please contact us directly via email on hello@bitcoinpoint.com or ring us on 020 3026 4819.

You can also read our dedicated page HERE.


“I think I’ve been scammed! What shall I do?”

If you have been a victim of a scam please contact as as quickly as possible

📩 hello@bitcoinpoint.com

☎️ 020 3026 4819.

Telegram: @BitcoinPointUK

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