BitcoinPoint Sticks Strongly With Its Values (6th December 2022).

In light of recent events that occurred in our industry over the past last month, we wanted to make it clear what BitcoinPoint’s stance is and how we will continue to operate as usual.

BitcoinPoint has had one main goal from the beginning: To democratise the access to Bitcoin and is not in the business of lending customer’s crypto or funds.

Customer Funds Protection

User funds are held in cold storage, of which we have a greater amount in reserves than currently held on customer wallets. All crypto assets held on BitcoinPoint are safe and accessible 24/7, regardless of what happens in the market or to other industry participants.

Proudly regulated

FCA registered as a Cryptoasset business. BCP Technologies Ltd, the company behind BitcoinPoint, obtained the FCA Cryptoasset Licence in Q4 of last year, and is also authorised by the FCA as an agent of a SEMI (Small Electronic Money Institution). With this, it means that we have to operate to a known standard of conduct and are subject to ongoing supervision of our financial stability.

No liquidity risk

BitcoinPoint have been using different liquidity providers and continues to operate business as usual with absolutely no liquidity issues. Any transactions such as withdrawals, deposits and ATM cash-out services are unaffected. BitcoinPoint provides a unique service for many customers who utilise crypto for payments, remittances, and cashing in and out of crypto.


Mission focused: Continue to democratise access to crypto

As we have for the last 4 years, serving thousands of UK customers in the process, we’ll continue to provide the highest level of service possible, putting our customers’ security first, combined with the easiest access to crypto available.

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